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Possession of Marijuana Under 50 grams

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          Don’t be fooled by thinking “its just a little bit of weed" its no big deal. That is a huge mistake. Possession of Marijuana in New Jersey is a CRIME. Pleading guilty will give you a CRIMINAL RECORD. Having a Criminal Record can have a devastating and long-lasting effect on you. Criminal convictions are recorded on your criminal case history (CCH or what is commonly referred to as a “rap sheet”).  It will stay on your permanent criminal record, unless expunged, forever. An expungement will take years.

            Why is this important ? A drug conviction (remember it’s a criminal offense) can bar you from employment in certain professions. The college student who pleads guilty to possession of Marijuana because it was just a little bit and “not worth fighting it” will not be able to get a job as a school teacher, a police officer, a nurse, a stock broker, a real estate agent or any other profession that requires a professional license. In some cases an expungement will help but, not in all cases and it will take years.

          Additionally, there are explicit guidelines promulgated by the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office that prohibit and restrict the Municipal Prosecutors ability to plea bargain certain Marijuana offenses.

          LASTLY, if you have a pending drug charge in Municipal Court all is not lost.  There are potential legal remedies for you; plea-bargains to lesser offenses (if there is a legal basis), conditional discharges (or diversion programs), even an outright dismissal of the charges against you (if the facts warrant it) or an expungement (as a last resort). However, you will need an attorney skilled and experienced in the inner workings of Municipal Court.  As a former Municipal Court prosecutor I have dealt with these issues thousands of times. Call me today for a FREE consultation to explore your legal remedies.

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