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  Speeding Tickets and Motor Vehicle Points

0 to 14 miles over the speed limit = 2 points


15 to 29 miles over the speed limit = 4 points


30 miles or more over the speed limit = 5 points

          Speeding tickets and the motor vehicle points associated with them are the cause of great anxiety among many New Jersey drivers.  One concern that I have heard repeatedly (as a Municipal Court Prosecutor) is the fear that ones auto insurance premiums will go up as a result of a guilty plea to a speeding ticket. This is especially true with younger drivers. Fortunately, speeding tickets are often plea-bargained down to a lower number of points or in some cases, no points at all. An experienced attorney can make a huge difference here. As a former Municipal Court prosecutor I know how to present a plea bargain to the prosecutor to increase your chances of a favorable outcome that could result in no points and or a significantly reduced fine. Call me today and put my experience to work for you.


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