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                                  2 Charges DISMISSED

                                  2 Charges DOWNGRADED

                                  to Municipal Ordinances

     We used Mr. Zavistoski for a case involving my son.  He was away at school and hosted a New Years Eve party.  Someone called the cops and he ended up getting arrested and charged with 4 criminal offenses, resisting arrest, obstructing justice, under age drinking, and providing alcohol to minors. We called Mr. Zavistoski that night and he came right down to the police station. The Sergeant later told us that his presence prevented our son from spending the night in the county jail.  When it came time for court we were scared. Mr. Zavistoski was professional and courteous, and convinced the prosecutor to drop 2 of the criminal charges and plea-bargained the other 2 to township ordinances.  We were elated because our son now had no criminal convictions and would be free to pursue his chosen profession. We cannot thank you enough Mr. Zavistoski and we recommend him wholeheartedly.

Shoplifting Charge:    CASE DISMISSED

     My daughter and her friend were charged with Shoplifting. I immediately called Robert Zavistoski and thank God I did. My daughters friend plead guilty and I hired Mr. Zavistoski. After four months and several court appearances the charges against my daughter were DISMISSED ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  She is in college and was facing a criminal record if she was found guilty. Mr. Zavistoski saved her from a criminal record and saved her career. We are cannot thank you enough Mr. Zavistoski. You did a GREAT job. I recommend him to anyone i know who needs a lawyer.

Bad  Check  Charge:       AMMENDED TO NOISE                                                   ORDINANCE

I was charged with the CRIMINAL OFFENSE of passing a bad check. My family hired Mr. Zavistoski. If I was convicted of this I would not be able to get a job in my career field. I am a junior in college. Mr. Zavistoski was able to get the charges reduced to a NON-CRIMINAL offense, a township ordinance noise violation. I paid a small fine and don't have a criminal conviction on my record. Thank you for saving my career !

Possession of Marijuana:   CASE DISMISSED

     Outstanding lawyer. I cannot thank you enough. I was arrested when they found a blunt on a table in my apartment. Bob was able to convince the prosecutor that it wasnt mine and the charges against me were all dismissed. I tell all my friends to use him.

7 Points in Tickets:    REDUCED TO 2 POINTS

     Mr. Zavistoski did a great job for me. I was facing a loss of my drivers license for racing. Bob was able to get the racing ticket DISMISSED. I paid a small fine, kept my license and got a measly 2 points. Excellent job by my attorney Bob.

4 Points 2 Tickets:    REDUCED TO ZERO POINTS

     I got a speeding ticket and another ticket for insurance. I hired Bob and he did an excellent job. He got me exactly what I was hoping for. He was able to get me a no point ticket and get the other ticket dismissed. Plus he was the first attorney in court so we were in and out in less than a half hour. I will definitely recommend Bob to anyone I know.

10 Points in Tickets            REDUCED TO  4 POINTS

and Loss of License:          NO LOSS OF LICENSE

     Robert is a skilled attorney and he saved me bigtime. I work in sales so I cannot be without my drivers license. I got 2 tickets (10 points) and was looking at exactly that. I would not be able to make a living without my license. I hired Robert and he really came through for me. I did end up with 4 points but, I was able to keep my license. I learned my lesson and I recommend Robert to anyone who needs a good lawyer.

4 Point Speeding Ticket:    REDUCED TO NO POINTS

     Mr. Zavistoski, thank you for saving my driving record. I was given a 4 point speeding ticket and then I hired Bob. He was able to plead the ticket down to a no point ticket for me. I would recommend him to anyone who gets a ticket.

6 Points 2 Tickets:    REDUCED TO NO POINTS

     I got 2 tickets, one for speeding and one for careless driving. Thank God for Mr. Zavistoski. He was able to get both tickets knocked down to just one no point ticket. You did an amazing job and I will recommend you anyone that I know who needs a lawyer. Thank you so much.

5 Point Speeding Ticket:   REDUCED TO NO POINTS

     Bob is a fantastic lawyer. I live in Florida and contacted Bob to represent me. He got my 5 point speeding ticket reduced to no points and I didn't even have to appear in court in New Jersey. Thank you for saving me the time and money of another trip to New Jersey AND thanks for the no point ticket. Excellent attorney.

DWI: Alcotest Reading .17  DWI DISMISSED

     When my son was charged with a DWI I contacted an attorney that my family had used for years. He is a solo practitioner and does several areas of law. He read the police reports and told me my son was “screwed”.  Then Mr. Zavistoski entered the case. He reviewed the same police reports and told me, “I can win this case.” Well, Mr. Zavistoski wrote a legal brief eight pages long, presented it the prosecutor, and on the first court date he convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all the charges! Words cannot describe our elation. Thank you Mr. Zavistoski, you’re truly a life-saver. We highly recommend him.

DWI: Marijuana (with a DRE)  DWI DISMISSED

          My son was involved in a one car accident and suffered a concussion as a result. To add insult to injury he was charged by the police with a DWI.  They also charged him criminally, with being under the influence, not sure how they can do that. Apparently they have somebody called a DRE that said my son was under the influence of drugs even though he had a prescription for them, and marijuana. I contacted Bob Zavistoski to take a look at the case. Bob did a thorough analysis and listed several legal arguments for us to pursue.  Ultimately, he wrote a memo outlining those legal issues. On the day of court the prosecutor agreed with most of Bob’s legal arguments. My son ended up getting the DWI dismissed and the criminal charge for under the influence dismissed. He pled guilty to a careless driving ticket. Thank you, thank you, thank you, kudos to you Mr. Zavistoski for your BRILLIANT legal arguments. If you ever need a lawyer for Municipal Court call Mr. Zavistoski. He really knows his stuff.

DWI: Alcotest Reading .13    BREATH TEST RESULTS                                                       INADMISSABLE                   

     I drive for a living and thought I would lose my job when I got arrested for drunk driving.  I also got 9 points worth of tickets. A friend of a friend said I should call Bob because he used to be a Prosecutor in Municipal Court and was a good attorney. Well, thank God I did. Bob hired an expert and together they got my test results thrown out of court. I plead guilty to the DWI but without the test results I only lost my license for 3 months instead of 7 months and that allowed me to KEEP MY JOB. Bob also got all 9 points of tickets dismissed so i came away with NO POINTS too. I hope I never have to but I would use this lawyer anytime.

13 Points 5 Tickets:    REDUCED TO 2 POINTS

     Bob is thorough, knowledgeable and explained everything to me. I was pulled over and given 5 tickets for a total of 13 points. If I got 3 or more points my license would have been suspended. I hired Bob and he did an amazing job. He was able to negotiate just one 2 point ticket for me. I paid a minimal fine and was able to keep my license. Outstanding lawyer and I would hire him again, although I hope I never have to.

5 Point Speeding Ticket:    REDUCED TO NO POINTS

     Robert saved me from a silly mistake. I got a speeding ticket (5 points) and felt terrible. The ticket said that I could pay it on-line so I did the very next day. Then I had second thoughts and contacted Mr. Zavistoski. I am so glad that I did. Robert explained that he could apply to "vacate my guilty plea" by applying to the court. He was able to get my ticket reopened, get me my money back and got me a no point ticket too. What can I say but thank you.

9 Points in Tickets:    REDUCED TO 2 POINTS

     A friend of mine recommended that I call Bob when I got three tickets. Bob told me that I was facing a total of 9 points. He explained the process to me and made me feel comfortable. When it came time for court Bob was able to get the 9 points reduced to 2 points. It cost me a little more money but, I couldn't get the 9 points. Thank you very much Bob.


     I made a stupid mistake and was charged with shoplifting but, I made a better decision when I hired Mr. Zavistoski as my lawyer. In only one court visit Bob was able to get the charge knocked down to a township ordinance for disturbing the peace. That saved me from having a criminal record and allows me to travel abroad with a clean record. I think his experience as prosecutor himself really helped, he knew exactly what to do. Thank you for a job well done.

4 Point Speeding Ticket:    REDUCED TO NO POINTS

     Bob is a very caring attorney and he was very helpful in my case. I was given a 4 point speeding ticket that I didn't deserve. I swear, I dont know how that cop could ever have picked me out of all that traffic. I was a little worried but Bob was able to get me a no point ticket and it was well worth it. Thank you again and I would not hesitate to use him again.

Tinted Window Ticket:    DISMISSED

     I called Bob when I got a ticket for tinted windows. I really didn’t know what to expect. When we went to court the first time the prosecutor said I couldn’t pay the ticket until I brought the car in and showed him that I took the tint off. I didn’t have the car with me so the judge gave me another court date. Bob said he never heard of such a thing. While waiting for the next court date Bob researched the ticket and found a legal technicality. Bob wrote a 6 page brief and on the next court date he was able to persuade the prosecutor that he was correct and the ticket was dismissed.

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